If the unthinkable occurs and you are involved in an accident, you can rest assured that BMW Accident Management, complimentary for seven years, will save you the inconvenience of managing an incident, beginning the moment you contact us and concluding when you drive away from the repairer. One call to the exclusive BMW phone number, 1800 269 777, from the scene and you know everything will be taken care of. Professionally. Efficiently.

BMW 7 Series Accident Management features include:

  • * Accident assist at the scene.
  • * Accident claim form, assessment and quotation assistance.
  • * Accident towing assistance.
  • * Assistance with accommodation, alternative transport arrangements and rental car.
  • * Accident repairer follow up.
  • * Medical advice and referrals.
  • * Assistance with reorganising travel arrangements.

BMW 7 Series Accident Management will also provide the following services where required:

  • * Arrange attendance of relevant emergency services, Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade.
  • * Advise you not to admit liability and to obtain third party details and the details of any independent witnesses.
  • * Advise you to obtain relevant parties’ driver’s license details.
  • * Relay messages to your family, friends or work colleagues to advise of any delays or medical injuries.

The exact manner in which we can be of service will depend on your unique circumstances but you can rest assured, whatever happens, we’re here to make sure that you’ll be back on the road as soon as possible.