The driving dynamics of the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo.

With optional equipment such as Adaptive M Sport suspension, Sport mode and Variable Sport Steering, you can make your BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo even sportier and more agile. The Active rear spoiler uses the airstream to minimise lift and provides additional efficiency and dynamics.

Sport mode.

With the Drive Performance Control set to Sport mode, the engine and driving dynamics of your BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo react even more directly, allowing you an enhanced sports driving style.
Sport mode is activated using the Drive Performance Control fitted as standard in the central console. Through a predefined setup and according to the equipment selected, it results in a considerably more dynamic adjustment of the drive and suspension, compared with the standard settings. The engine responds more spontaneously, and in combination with the automatic transmission, gear shifts have considerably more sporting character.
Combined with the Adaptive M Sport suspension, the chassis has a far more athletic setting. If Variable Sport Steering is chosen, the assistance from power steering is reduced, which ensures a more direct feeling of steering control.

Variable Sport Steering.

Variable Sport Steering works independently of your current speed, varying the steering ratio in line with the steering angle.
It includes the Servotronic function and reduces the steering wheel movement required to achieve a particularly tight steering angle. This enhances comfort when parking and manoeuvring, as well as sporting agility in tight corners and hairpin bends. For small steering angles, the system provides excellent directional stability and a very high degree of steering precision.

Active rear spoiler.

The Active rear spoiler optimises the air flow at the rear of the car as your speed increases, to ensure excellent road holding and classic BMW driving dynamics.
The rear spoiler automatically extends at speeds of over 68 mph – and retracts once back under 43 mph. You can also manually control the Active rear spoiler via a button on the driver side door (below the electric window controls).

Adaptive M Sport Suspension.

The electronically controlled dampers in the Adaptive M Sport suspension adapt to suit your current driving style and the road conditions. You can modify the damper characteristics using the Drive Performance Control.
A noticeably firmer damper setting is activated when you select the Sport or Sport Plus mode via the Drive Performance Control. For rear-wheel drive models, the Adaptive M Sport suspension also includes a chassis that has been lowered by 10 millimetres, but which has no impact on driving comfort.